A:The application fee (HK$2,800) is waived if you have a nominator. And shortlisted brands are entitled to settle the final round judging fee of HK$5,000 within seven working days after being shortlisted by the judges.

*If the shortlisted brands fail to win the award, the BDA organising committee will refund the full amount within one month of notification of final results.

*If your brand is finally awarded, All winners are mandatorily entitled to one booth at Hong Kong Design Summit 2025. The respective exhibition fee is:

1. Best Awards: HK$29,800
2. Grand Award of the Year: HK$49,800
3. Best of the Best: HK$76,800

A:All winners are mandatorily entitled to one booth at Hong Kong Design Summit 2025. Upon settling the Exhibition Fee, Winners are entitled to all the benefits mentioned in the “Winners’ Privileges” without a fee.

A:Hong Kong Design Summit 2025 is an eligible event under the support of SME Export Marketing Fund, eligible exhibitor could claim up to 50% of the Exhibition Fee, for the fee details, please refer to section “FEES”

Kindly refer to https://www.smefund.tid.gov.hk/english/emf/emf_update.html for more details of SME Export Marketing Fund.


A: The deadline is 24 September, 2024 (Tuesday).

A: Currently, BDA is open to limited and unlimited companies to join, and they have to submit BR / CI as proof. 


BDA is established with a mission to honour the success of brands, as stated in the Terms and Conditions, if ownership of an entry does not belong to a single entity, the applying entity is required to acquire authorisation from all relevant entities and to ensure the accuracy of the information presented.  Thus if you are working with a brand as an individual, we would suggest you nominate them to join. And we are more than welcome to receive your nominations with contact points! 

A: Sub-categories are designed specifically for the marketing use of awarded brands; they will be reviewed by the first-round judges and printed on the trophy and certificate, so you are welcome to suggest your own sub-category to categorize your brand. You could enter up to 8 Chinese characters or 40 English characters.

A: No limitation in the date back time as we welcome you to share the growth of your brand.

A: You can apply more than one category.

A: You will be required to provide following information:

1/ Category

2/ Entry name

3/ Brand Logo

4/ Company / Organisation Information

– Company / Organisation name

– Establishment date

– Location of business

– Certificate of Incorporation or the latest BR in PDF format

– Contact Person

– Contact Number

– Email

– Website

5/ Brand Information

– Brand Sub-Category

– Brand name

– Nominator

– Brand Information

6/ Attachment

7/ Criteria

– User Experience

– Brand Image

– Market Value

– Tech and Innovation

– Sustainability


  1. Brand Image
    The brand’s performance in shaping brand image, including visual identity, brand language, brand values and culture, social image, and social responsibility.
  2. Market Value
    The brand’s performance and value in the market, including brand awareness, market share, revenue, and growth.
  3. Sustainability
    The brand’s performance in environmental protection, including the environmental performance of products or services, environmental measures and emission reduction measures during production, environmental responsibility and commitments of the company.
  4. Tech & Innovation
    The brand’s performance in product or service innovation and technology, including innovation and R&D of products or services, technology application and development, and leadership in the industry.
  5. User Experience
    The brand’s performance in providing high-quality user experience, including usability, design, functionality, service quality, interaction with users, and feedback.

A: There are two independent rounds of judging. Five first-round judges will carry out preliminary screening based on the criteria. Qualified entries will proceed to the next round. An on-site Finalist Presentation will be held in January 2025 to shortlist the winners.

A: The winner’s announcement will be made in January 2025.